Issues Related to Mobile Mutlimodal Composition


Do you have concerns about Copyright? Why or why not?
Do you have concerns about Privacy? Why or why not?
Do you have concerns about Accessibility? Why or why not?

sample grading rubric for document design project

Grading Rubric from Visual Rhetoric Course by Jennifer J Buckner ©2014


How do we balance the goals of work and play in an institutional setting where we are expected to assess student learning?
What forms of assessment seem appropriate for mobile multimodal projects?
What should we consider when assessing student multimodal projects?


How might this assignment change depending on student population?
How might this be viable in classrooms where not all students have mobile devices?
How might we level the playing field so all students may participate in an equal fashion?
What issues do students face when required to use mobile devices for course assignments?
How do levels of technological literacy for both students and instructors influence the implementation of such an activity?
How might campus resources shape accessibility?
What types of institutional support would be necessary for effective implementation?


What are appropriate levels of support?
Where and how might you find and use online support?
How should the institution support you and your students?
How might students support one another?
How much support should you, the instructor, provide?