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Discussion Questions Do you have concerns about Copyright? Why or why not? Do you have concerns about Privacy? Why or why not? Do you have concerns about Accessibility? Why or why not? Objectives After participating in this breakout session, participants will be able to: compare legal issues of multimodal composition with multimodal composition on mobile […]

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sample grading rubric for document design project


Assessment, the elephant in the room. While we’d love to let our students play with mobile apps and compose multimodal projects without being graded, we are still functioning under institutional umbrellas whose practices are required in our composition classes.  One practice of which is assessment. When working with non-dominant mediums, our standards for assessment guidelines […]

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Elaine M Jolayemi and Kris Purzycki Table topic: 10 minutes Levels of Support As we often remind students, familiarizing yourself with the available resources can make academic life much easier. For instructors, there are numerous levels of support available not just online or in our home institutions but in our own classrooms as well. In […]

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Danielle Roach and Megan Mize Table topic: 10 minutes During this portion of the workshop, we will discuss issues how issues of access necessarily affect the success of mobile multimodal composition activities in a given classroom. The following are some questions to get us started: How might this assignment change depending on student population? How […]

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